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Our Team

BEST SYNERGY staff are seasoned professionals with sound educational backgrounds and extensive experience in their fields of endeavour.

Our personnel are conversant with contemporary issues in Port Operations and Custom Documentations as they have worked at top-level positions in the Maritime industry.

Please find below the resume of some of our key staff:-

Mr. Musa Bwala

Director of Administration and Finance

He worked with N-FIZAH as the general manager special duties from 1997-2006.
He is from Hawul Local Government Borno state. His attestations below:      

  • Primary school leaving certificate – 1979
  • Govt. Secondary School Biu – 1984
  • Ramat polytechnic ND – 1988
  • He is a graduate of Business Administration from Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo in Ondo State.

Musa is vast and diverse with experience both in the public and the private sector. He is a pragmatic leader and a forth right business man. He is one of the directors of Best Synergy Nigeria Limited.
He is married with children.

Mr.Yusuf Garba Mustapha

Director of Operations

He has career spanning 20yrs. He worked with the Borno State Water Board as Technical Officer from 1985 -1989. He also worked with Karildbert Holdings Ltd.
As Operations Manager from 1996-2003. From there he took another appointment with N-FIZAH Investment as Operations Manager from 2003-2006.
Mr. Yusuf’s interest in the Maritime Business is clearly reflected in his academic pursuits. He holds an OND in Water Technology from Ramat Polythenic Maiduguri (1988). He later obtained HND in Civil Engineering (Water Option) from Kaduna Polythenic in 1991.

Nicholas Elijah

Board Chairman

He has worked at Nigeria Ports Authority for 14yrs after which he voluntarily retired from service.

He has served on various Ports working Committee / Customs ad-hoc committees while in the service of the Nigerian Ports Authority. Apart from shipping he has interest in construction and the Transport sector of the Economy. Mr. Msheliza holds a bachelor degree in geography with second class upper, from the federal university of Technology Yola and has a Masters Degree in Transportation planning from Lagos State University currently. He is part time master’s student in operations and supply chain Management of the University of Liverpool. 

He has also attended numerous courses both locally and internationally which further attest to his vast experience in maritime business. Some of these include; 

    • IMO / PMWACA organized course in maritime security for Port  Authorities invest and  central Africa, Calabar (2003) 
    • International Seminar on Ports Management held at the UNESTCO Institute of Water and Hydraulic Engineering, delft, the Netherlands May (2003) 
    • International training seminar on Port Infrastructures Development and Management in a concession Environment London.

Jirbo T. Jerome

Director of Clients Service

He has a career spanning 23yrs, most of which were used in gaining experience in client management and the Maritime Business.Mr. Jirbo T. Jerome is from Benue State and he holds an OND Diploma in marketing from Benue State Polythenic Ugbokio. His career in the maritime dates back to 1988 when he served as the client service manager of East line International Co Ltd. He served as client manager with Kerilbert Holdings from 1998-2000, at No. 4 Prince Court, Victoria Island, Lagos. He is vast and divest with experience both in the public and the private sector.He is married with children.